Hueneme Foundation

Mission Statement: raise corporate and public monies to fund targeted water quality and environmental protection projects in Ventura County.

Primary targets:

·         Oxnard Wastewater Treatment Facility

·         Ormond Lagoon

·         Oxnard Advanced Water Purification Facility

 Target Justifications:

The Oxnard wastewater plant has facilities that are over 55 years old. The plant, even with some of the more recent updates, is at risk of catastrophic failure. The City of Oxnard, as with most municipalities, does not have adequate funds to update the facility in the near future. The foundation will target the most critical infrastructure, raise monies for each capital improvement project, and fund the specific project through a memorandum of agreement with the City of Oxnard.

 Ormond Lagoon is downstream from both the Wastewater and Purification facilities. The lagoon is in two jurisdictions: the cities of Oxnard and Port Hueneme. The lagoon is mainly neglected by both cities as well as the County of Ventura. When the lagoon breaches during inclement weather, large quantities of debris and toxic chemicals, are expelled into the Santa Barbara Channel, Ormond Beach, and Port Hueneme Beach Park. In extremely wet seasons, the overflow intrudes into the surrounding wetlands which is home to the endangered Western Snowy Plover.

 The Water Purification Facility is finally producing water as promised after 5 years. However, the cost of production exceeds the market rate for unpotable water by threefold.


·   Raise 15 million dollars, or more, of targeted funding for Oxnard Wastewater Treatment Plant on Perkins Road. Funds will be restricted to emergency repairs and capital improvement projects. No foundation funds will be used for any other purpose unless previously authorized by the foundation board.

·    Establish a volunteer organization that monitors water quality, liaisons with environmental groups and municipalities clean up Ormond Lagoon, and surrounding environs, after storm events or as the need arises.

·    Work with the Oxnard Advanced Water Purification Facility project to provide ongoing funding and professional expertise to make the facility viable.