Thank You Supervisor Kelly Long!

A big shout out to Supervisor Kelly Long for helping forward the Hueneme Foundation’s Sensor Project, through her efforts, the foundation will be able to install another sensor array on Ventura County property. More important, she was able to gain the support of the entire Board of Supervisors to waive the $2,000 fee and deposit required for the permit that was ordinarily required. She understands the importance of the Sensor Project: “I have heard my constituents in the Oxnard and Port Hueneme area loud and clear. The odors impacting the residents of several communities in and near my district need to be dealt with. I was glad to be able to bring an item to the Board of Supervisors to waive permit fees for sensors that will help determine the source of these odors as we work toward a successful resolution. Thank you to all of those in the community who have helped get us this far and to Supervisor John Zaragoza and my fellow board members who unanimously agreed to waive the fees for the public benefit of impacted residents.”

Also, thanks to the people of Port Hueneme who spoke, at the May 7 Supervisors Meeting, on behalf of the Hueneme Foundation in support of Supervisor Long’s efforts: Will Berg, Mayor of Port Hueneme, Tom Dunn community activist, Steve Gama, City Council Member Port Hueneme, and Jonathon Sharkey, retired Port Hueneme City Council Mayor.

Port Hueneme News - Robert Bromber

Robert Bromber, founder Hueneme Foundation, discusses sensors that he put in place to monitor air at Oxnard Wastewater Plant and New Indy Plant on Perkins Rd. He also discusses his trip to Washington, DC to seek funding at the EPA and Dept of Defense - Pentagon for a new wastewater plant to be built replacing the current plant.